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Material Movement Team Leader - Amico Corporation

Richmond Hill, ON
Richmond Hill - ON

The MATERIAL MOVEMENT TEAM LEADER (or Expeditors) coordinates the movement of materials through the various departments in the Production Cycle. The responsibility includes organizing, inspecting, stocking and replenishing materials. In collaboration with Material Handlers, Team Leaders and Quality; the Materials Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all Production Lines have the necessary materials to meet and/or exceed the build plan. Utilizing time management and organizational skills to ensure that a safe and clean environment is maintained at all times.

Material Expeditors are sometimes referred to as Master Schedulers – and for good reason. Their ability to see production through its various stages and ensure everyone has what they need is vital to a company’s success. 

  • Understand the Production Schedule in order to prepare the required materials as scheduled, highlight the issues with upcoming projects, provide solutions to potential issues.
  • Keeping track of material availability, movement, and the needs of each area and deadlines. This involves maintaining accurate, up-to-the-minute records.
  • Stays in touch with the Material and Supports Groups to ensure supplies and equipment are correct and available on time. If new or special needs arise, works to get what is needed so production can continue.
  • Look at how a project is supposed to flow and see to it that each sector has what it needs to complete its work on time in order to stay on schedule and meet deadlines.
  • Frequently meets with Department Leads in order to know where things stand in all directions. This will enable the other leaders to be alerted of potential problems.
  • Ensure that each Work Centers have the right Tools and Equipment needed to perform their tasks safely and efficiently. Broken or inefficient equipment or tools slow production. 
  • Provide regular status reports to the group.
  • Understood the nuances of the Production Schedule: moving of projects, handling of rush projects, putting projects on-hold, changing of priorities, etc..
  • Materials required for production are properly staged, arranged, and maintained.
  • Carts are organized in way that the user will be able to use it easily and maintain the tidiness.
  • Develop a reporting and tracking system to determine the status of the materials prepared by the Support Groups.
  • Work with the Leaders of the Support Groups to resolve missing/incomplete parts on the carts provided.
  • Understand that priorities might change at any moment and know how to adjust to these changes.
  • Manage distribution capabilities, quality processes and corrective action procedures
  • Help develop a formal evaluation procedure including essential metrics for on time delivery, accuracy of fulfillment, and quality of materials.
  • Analyze the root cause of parts issues in Production and develop programs and procedures to eliminate them.
  • Parts are ready for production/support groups as scheduled and in the right quantity.
  • Missing parts were communicated to each area with ETA and a corresponding option to avoid shutdowns in production.
  • Materials are staged properly in the production line with Safety and Efficiency as top priority
  • Proper tools are identified and provided to production line.
  • Proper equipment and tools are provided to the support groups.
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